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Dr. Naomi Wolf joins Ob-Gyn Dr. James Thorp to discuss the dangers of the COVID vaccine to pregnant women.

Dr. Thorp explains cases of swollen lymph nodes in pregnant women, as well as other instances of inflammation caused by lipid nanoparticles, throughout the mother’s body and especially affecting the placenta. This inflammation disrupts, he warns, the development of the child. The lipid nanoparticles also traverse every membrane, including the placenta, and concentrate in the blood of the baby. The heart and the brain of the child are also vulnerable to absorbing the lipid nanoparticles. Lymph node problems, malformations of the fetus, immune deficiencies, chromosomal abnormalities, tumors, restricted growth and other problems in babies are, he says, resulting.

Hey everyone. It’s Naomi Wolf of DailyClout, and I am so excited and really thrilled to be here with Dr. James Thorp, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist in St. Louis, Missouri, who has been one of the bravest, most compassionate, and selfless obstetricians and OB-GYNs in the field at a time when there’s a massive silence from the people who should be speaking up for women and babies. So, welcome, Dr. Thorp. It’s an honor to have you.

Dr. James Thorp (00:42):

Dr. Wolf, it’s such an honor and privilege to be walking through this disaster with you over the last few years. And I want to just applaud you. You’ve just been an incredibly brave light, a beacon of light and a beacon of truth for our women and our pregnant women and our fetuses and babies. Thank you so much for your platform and your strong, beautiful voice.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (01:11):

Well, I appreciate that. That’s very kind. You know, as much as I would like to help pregnant women and babies, I am not the medical doctor. You are. So, there’s only so much an advocate like myself can do, and that’s where the expertise of someone like you – who actually has spent many years helping pregnant women, understanding the process of pregnancy and birth, understanding fetal development – comes in. It’s so important that we’re fighting together. I just want to say that you have 43 years of experience in the medical field. Dr. Thorp graduated from Wayne State University. You have reached a national level of recognition for those of us who follow these things, because you are the first, to my knowledge, who debuted with a piece or an interview in The Epoch Times about, as I recall, miscarriage rates you were seeing in your practice. Is that correct? Do I have that right?

Dr. James Thorp (02:12):

That’s correct.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (02:13):

And can you summarize for us what you said in that Epoch Times piece – very generally for a lay audience?

Dr. James Thorp (02:20):

As we progressed through 2020, I became inordinately obsessed and concerned with [Operation] Warp Speed and the vaccine rollout, and I didn’t really begin seeing a lot of adverse complications until after the rollout. I really didn’t see any as the vaccine rolled out. It became very apparent to me that there was a strong push for this vaccine, which was totally illogical. It is totally unprecedented in the history of medicine to violate the golden rule of pregnancy – we all know you don’t ever use new vaccines or new drugs, experimental items – even nutraceuticals – in pregnancy. You don’t smoke, you don’t use alcohol. Every person knows that, male and female. That was very peculiar because my specialty has been through a lot of very embarrassing, very bad things that we experienced and promoted. And it goes way back to the Ignza Philipps Semmelweis in the mid-19th century and up through the 20th century with J.D. Rockefeller’s standing out the naturopathics; and then, later on, we have the, the mid-20th century, we have Thalidomide disaster.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (03:55):

Are you saying that the drive to vaccinate pregnant women with what was still in experimental substance raised alarms for you? Because there’s a history of bad things being done to pregnant women in the history of medicine. And so, you mentioned Semmelweis – isn’t he the guy who discovered that you should wash your hands when you’re delivering babies? And he was ostracized and shunned because the obstetricians, at that time, didn’t want to think of themselves as transmitting infectious material to the women they were delivering. So that’s the Semmelweis example, right? And then you talked about Rockefeller. What does that have to do with pregnant women?

Dr. James Thorp (04:39):

It basically stomped out all of the reigning theories of medicine up until that day. And his dynasty turned it into a money-making machine.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (04:54):

So, you’re talking about the industrialization of childbirth and how midwives were sidelined. And there’s the increasingly interventionist approach to childbirth. I actually wrote a book about that called Misconceptions, which is probably out of date.

Dr. James Thorp (05:13):

I remember it well.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (05:14):

Oh, right, right. Thank you. Then you mentioned Thalidomide. So, what you’re saying is that there’s plenty of examples in the pharmaceutical industry’s not-so-distant past of harms to pregnant women when they said, “This is fine.” You’re a little nauseous, let’s give you some wonderful Thalidomide and then, you know, horrible things happen; but, by then, pharma has moved on, and they’re protected. So, those are the examples you just gave. Is that correct, Dr. Thorp?

Dr. James Thorp (05:43):

Yes. You’ve done such a great job from your perspective. Why don’t you go on to the next disaster – DES, Diethylstilbestrol?

Dr. Naomi Wolf (05:50):

Well, we could go through hours of detailing what the medical community and, certainly even the OB-GYN establishment, have done that’s harmed women. And I take your point that, knowing this, how could we forget it all overnight and say, okay, fine, we trust you completely? But let me direct your attention, pretty narrowly, to what you began to see in your own practice. Were there any problems that led you to come forward, for instance, to The Epoch Times or to respond when they reached out to you about harms to women and babies after the rollout of the mRNA injections?

Dr. James Thorp (06:31):

Yes, indeed. I saw just a spate of increase in birth defects. I saw a state of increased miscarriages, also known as spontaneous abortions, as you know. Not to confuse our audience, who we don’t have your knowledge – miscarriages, we call spontaneous abortions, which have nothing to do with an induced abortion. And then I saw a really dramatic increase in first- and second-trimester loss, fetal death after 20 weeks. I saw a really significant increase in really abnormal reactions, very unusual autoimmune diseases, significant increase in growth restriction, peculiar appearance of placentas, which seemed to follow a kind of an instant pattern recognition. I think I’m on track this year to see 8,000 or more high risk OB scans. I actually live in Florida, and I do my practice out of the Midwest – Missouri and Illinois. So, I see a large volume of scans, so that’s where…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (07:48):

So, you’re talking – jumping in just for lay people without a medical training – when you say scans, you mean ultrasounds of the fetus, of the placenta? Is that correct?

Dr. James Thorp (07:57):

That’s absolutely correct. Ultrasounds.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (08:00):

You see a lot of these; and these are the inside of the mom, the home of the baby, and it’s supposed to look like what, versus what you’re seeing it now, if I may ask directly?

Dr. James Thorp (08:18):

Absolutely. Yes, that’s a great question, Naomi. So, the placenta changes week by week, and the placenta actually provides respiration breathing for the baby. And it provides multiorgan function for the baby. The baby does have kidneys, and the baby does produce urine; and the male or female baby produces urine and urinates as the source of the amniotic fluid. So, the kidneys function, but the actual fetal kidneys don’t clear the metabolites and waste products. The placenta does that by acting as a filtration system, opposite that of the maternal circulation. And the same thing for the lungs – the placenta respires for the fetus, exchanging oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other gases. So, the baby doesn’t need its lungs inside the womb.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (09:21):


Dr. James Thorp (09:22):

The placenta will develop every week – a certain size, a certain echo texture, a certain calcification, if you will. And what I began seeing was – to put it in non-medical terms – there used to be a grant on classification where we would classify placental senescence, oldness, because the placenta matures much more rapidly than the baby and will often outgrow its function and decline or wane in function. And we saw that with advanced stages of maturity, but this was even different with the vaccine. About eight weeks after the Pfizer vaccine, I would see evidence of chronic inflammation.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (10:15):

In the placenta?

Dr. James Thorp (10:18):

In the placenta. Each placenta is composed of about 10 or 15 placental lobes about this big, three to four centimeters. And they’re all separate lobules or lobes of different parts of the placenta. And each of those lobes will become highly encased in calcium, dense calcium, will become a little bit more echo dense. And then with Moderna we saw…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (10:47):

Excuse me, let me jump in, Dr. Thorp. I’m sorry to interrupt you, but this is so important. So, you’re saying the abnormal placenta that you were seeing eight weeks post-Pfizer vaccination had calcifications around the edges of the lobes that shows like a netting almost of these lobes outlined in a white set of calcified edges. Is that what you’re describing?

Dr. James Thorp (11:13):

Absolutely. Yes. And I do want to state, for your viewers that I’m really not allowed nor is anybody else allowed to study this. So, I cannot use images – any image that comes from the EMR is identifiable in the metadata. You probably…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (11:41):

Right. I understand.

Dr. James Thorp (11:42):

Right. And that’s why I have colleagues around the country that are sending me pictures. So, this is not just Jim Thorp. This is experts. In fact, in my area…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (11:53):

Excuse me, sorry to jump in again, but it’s so important to understand this. Are you saying other colleagues of yours are sending you similar pictures of abnormal calcifications of the placenta in patients of theirs after they’ve been vaccinated, specifically by the Pfizer vaccine or by both vaccines?

Dr. James Thorp (12:12):


Dr. Naomi Wolf (12:13):

Oh, and it’s the same kind of thing? It’s calcification around the lobes of the placenta, is that correct?

Dr. James Thorp (12:20):

That’s one of the patterns that I see with Pfizer. It seems to be like the shots in the non-pregnant state. There seems to be a variance in that not 100 percent of moms are affected and have a complication. We saw that in the Pfizer “5.3.6” [document] download, in their own information. You and I have both studied and published on the fact that they themselves admitted that there was a huge association with deaths and with abnormal pregnancy outcomes and a whopping 45%, 124 out 270 vaxed complications in pregnant women. 45%.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (13:05):


Dr. Naomi Wolf (13:06):

So that’s your reading of that document? We’ve got Dr. Robert Chandler doing an analysis of that document, and he reaches a similar conclusion. That’s amazing. So that’s so interesting because this attack on a mistake a volunteer of ours made is actually in another part of the Pfizer documents. You’re actually seeing a 45% complication rate for the pregnancies that they did follow. Is that what you’re saying?

Dr. James Thorp (13:38):

That’s absolutely correct. And I’ve had that document, and I suspect you have too. I received that document in March of 2021 by an internal whistleblower.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (13:49):

Oh, wow.

Dr. James Thorp (13:50):

But I couldn’t authenticate it, right? Because how are you going to authenticate that on an internal document?

Dr. Naomi Wolf (13:59):

So, there’s a 40, let me just say this again so people understand, there’s a 45% complication rate among the pregnant women that were in the Pfizer internal documents – those 270 pregnant women. Is that’s what you’re saying? And of, of 36 pregnancies that they followed to term, I believe 28 of the babies died. That’s what our analysis has also found. So, I don’t know if you’re familiar with that, but we’re talking about the same section of the documents.

Dr. James Thorp (14:29):

We are. And I just want to clarify, from an obstetrical lens to a non-obstetrical lens, let’s go to that document. And anybody that wants to look at that document, it’s now authenticated because a federal judge ordered Pfizer to release it. They tried to block it for 75 years, and they ordered Pfizer to release it. And, of all days that it was released, it was released on April Fool’s Day this year. Your War Room and incredible team, they’re all over this. So, I finally found this, and bingo. It was identical to the one that I had had before…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (15:19):

Wow that’s extraordinary. Well, so that’s really shocking. So, let’s go back to a mechanism that could be causing this, right? And we’re not saying it is, but what happens? You’ve described the placenta; and it’s really beautiful, and I’ve had two children, and no one explained this to me. The placenta’s more than just a membrane encasing the baby like a little space capsule, right? The placenta sounds like it breathes for the baby. And it also performs some filtration functions, getting rid of waste. It’s intimately related to the mother’s circulation, right? So, it was always kind of crazy. It seems to me that we were told, “Oh, you can inject into the mother, but it won’t reach the baby because nothing does that.” That’s what we were told. But moving right along to the placenta, what would those calcifications do to the development of the baby? In what way might those calcifications – or other things you might be seeing – be causing the miscarriages, the fetal abnormalities, the fetal growth restrictions?

Dr. James Thorp (16:22):

Great question, Naomi. And the answer to that is we don’t know specifically, but we do look at it as a sign. And what we do know is that whenever there’s calcification, oftentimes there’s a very strong inflammatory response. So, I look at three key potential mechanisms of the vax causing death and destruction of the pregnancy. Number one, we all know that this is a highly inflammatory injection – so badly that many women and men get extraordinarily large painful breasts. All of their lymph tissue, under that arm on that side that they got injected, gets massively inflamed, tender lymph nodes. Sometimes, [this occurs] all over the body. So, we’ve studied this. There’s a Dr. Roberto Romero who is a highly acclaimed maternal-fetal medicine researcher. He’s probably 10 years my senior, but he’s published extensively on the causation of malformation and pregnancy, death, and complications as a result of anything that causes inflammation. And this is why it was a very bad idea to begin with, never mind the fact that it wasn’t tested. It’s highly inflammatory, right? That’s a problem in pregnancy. the next possibility is that…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (17:51):

Dr. Thorp, before you go onto the next possibility, can you explain, in addition, how is inflammation a problem in pregnancy? Just walk us through – if a patient of yours comes in and she has inflammation in her placenta or in the baby, in the ovaries – all the things she needs in order to produce a healthy baby – how does it harm the process of gestation and successful childbirth?

Dr. James Thorp (18:20):

Great question, Naomi. So, we have inflammatory mediators. There’s a whole variety of them –  interleukins, many different numbers of interleukins, four and six and 10. There is TNF, tumor necrosis factors. There are literally hundreds of what we call cytokines and inflammatory mediators that can be released through a variety of different mechanisms – whether they’re an invading fungus, an invading parasite, an invading organism; whether it’s from a drug; whether it’s from autoimmune disease with your body. Any number of these will cause inflammation and the release of those factors. And the release of those factors – those inflammatory mediators in the first trimester, the second trimester, and the third trimester – they wreak havoc on…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (19:17):

What do they do specifically? What does the baby need that the inflammatory mediators prevent the baby from getting?

Dr. James Thorp (19:25):

The baby. They set up a hostile environment for the developing embryo and the cells. So, all the cells that are differentiating and growing, they’re going to be severely abnormal and influenced by the process of inflammation.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (19:44):

It kind of complicates or damages the cells abilities to divide and replicate in a way that is a template for a normal growing – zygote, embryo, fetus, baby. Is that correct?

Dr. James Thorp (20:01):

That’s absolutely correct. Let me give you just another example like in The Epoch Times’ articles that Mr. Enrico Trigoso just published over the last week – two of them, one yesterday, and one about four days ago – outlining clot propagation. And you well know this well because you’ve published on it and interviewed the embalmers. This is a result of inflammation and theft of energy. That’s used at the cellular and molecular level. It’s extraordinarily important that an embryo divides embryologically by fields of energy. And when you start having inflammatory mediators and inflammation, what happens is that these cells do not achieve the local energetics that they need – around the biomolecules, around the cells, around the cell membrane – that the energy produces a healthy electrical gradient within the cell, compared with extracellular. When you disrupt that, it disrupts the development of the baby in every organ system. And it also is required for these large biomolecules. You think about the propagation, the programming of your cells to waste energy at the molecular and cellular level on producing the spike protein.

Dr. James Thorp (21:41):

It’s a massive amount of energy to be used for normal physiologic functions.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (21:52):

I get what you’re saying, sorry to jump in, but this is so mind-blowing. So, it’ll cause certain problems to an adult to have all that energy going to creating a spike protein, creating the spike protein. But, if you’re a tiny embryo and you need to grow and develop, it’s going to cause a whole bunch of other, possibly much more significant, problems, because you’re not even grown yet. You’re missing that energy and that electrical field to propagate and grow your own cells into a normal baby. Is that correct?

Dr. James Thorp (22:20):

That’s absolutely correct. You nailed it. So, it’s coming out more now with this protein misfolding. We’ve known about protein misfolding. And, in fact, my team is just submitting a paper – it should be published this week – where we talk about protein misfolding as the cause of the disease in COVID-19. And you look at this propagation of these amyloid clots – this is abnormal, in vivo accumulation of a clot because there’s not enough cellular energy at the cellular level to allow those proteins to fold correctly. So, they inappropriately fold, and then they turn into plaque. They turn into residue in the cell, and they cause cell death. And it steals the energy so that these misfolded proteins form, intravascularly like a stalagmite.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (23:31):

So, Dr. Thorp, Jim, if I may, you’re almost describing – and I’m not asking you to agree with this – but the energy that you’re describing, it’s life, right? It’s the energy of life. It’s the energy of human biological processes. And you’re almost describing that the effect of these injections is that certain things that are life processes are dying inside of living people.

Dr. James Thorp (24:01):

Right. Life is in the blood.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (24:03):

You’re literally saying, materially, that normal life processes that keep blood flowing, that keep blood healthy are being damaged and causing cell death within a living body. Is that what you’re saying?

Dr. James Thorp (24:17):

It’s a hierarchical level of energy that our Creator endowed us with, created us with. And we receive natural energy from many different mechanisms. Light is one of them. The normal electromagnetic radiation of the Earth is another one. A variety of vitamins and supplements, Vitamin D3 and K2. This all brings light energy energetics into the tissue water, the water that composes almost 80 percent of our bodies is endowed with energetics, much of which is from the heart, much of which is from the sunlight and much of which is from EMR [electromagnetic radiation].

Dr. Naomi Wolf (25:00):

Pivoting back to what you’re saying about folding proteins clots in the blood – in the picture you showed of this placenta you identified what could be a blood clot in a section of the placenta. And of course, in the Pfizer documents, there are vast descriptions of blood clotting. And women are describing super weird, scary tissue release in their menses of clots. And, of course, we talked about the circulation of the blood through the placenta and also through the umbilical cord, right? Doesn’t that also circulate blood from the mother to the fetus?

Dr. James Thorp (25:46):

In the umbilical cord, there are two arteries that pumps the blood out to the placenta inside the fluid cavity, the baby’s swimming pool. And then the one vein oxygenates it, picks up oxygen, lets off CO2, picks up nutrients. Then it comes back another 30 centimeters to the umbilical vein.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (26:14):

Well, that’s amazing. What a feat of engineering. But, basically, now you throw in something that’s thickening or clotting the blood, and you have multiple points of failure for the baby to get what the baby needs in terms of oxygen and nutrients. Is that correct? I mean, isn’t the baby dependent on the blood flow of the placenta and the mother to get those nutrients. The baby’s not eating, obviously, otherwise, right?

Dr. James Thorp (26:38):

That’s absolutely correct.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (26:42):

Okay. So, let’s go back to the baby in there. What about the lipid nanoparticles traversing the placenta? This is something I’ve been obsessed with because lipid nanoparticles are designed to cross membranes. I literally can’t visualize how it’s possible for lipid nanoparticles to not compromise the placenta. Do you have thoughts about the lipid nanoparticles compromising the placenta? Is that separate from what you’re thinking about these days regarding the harms to the placenta?

Dr. James Thorp (27:14):

I think it’s very much harmful to the placenta and you know, as well as I do, that from the toxicology studies and from the biodistribution studies and from the Schädlich study of 2012, the lipid nanoparticles breach every God-made barrier that He created – the blood brain-barrier in the mom, the blood-brain barrier in the fetus, the maternal placenta, the fetal blood barrier. You inject that into the arm. And I know you were told that it stays in the arm; but, within hours, it’s distributed to every single cell in the body. There is not one membrane that can hold back the lipid nanoparticles. These are extraordinarily small particles. They contain a manmade, fatty envelope that we call the lipid covering or membrane, but it’s not just a natural lipid. This is composed of antifreeze PEG, polyethylene glycol, which is poisonous. It’s also composed of a lot of cationic lipids, which are long molecules. And they stick out of the fat-loving membrane, and their head is water-loving, or what we call hydrophilic. So, it’s the perfect storm because it it’s so small. It crosses every barrier. It is concentrated, as you know, next to the ovum.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (28:55):

Right. I’ll get to that in a minute, but let’s now think about this baby in its amniotic sac in the placenta. So, the lipid nanoparticles are traversing the placenta. Presumably they get into the amniotic fluid, right? They get into the baby’s environment. What could happen then? Aren’t they, if they’re traversing every membrane, can’t they traverse the baby itself?

Dr. James Thorp (29:18):

Oh yes. They go to every single cell of the baby. In moms, there are certain chemicals that concentrate in the fetal compartment, because there’s more fat or lipophilic substances in the fetal brain and the fetus than there are in mine. So, when you take substances like lipid nanoparticles, they don’t just cross the placenta. They actually concentrate in the baby’s blood. A great example of that is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poison is disastrous for a fetus because it crosses the placenta. And it irreversibly binds with a much stronger binding concentration than oxygen or carbon dioxide. So, it actually accumulates, and many drugs are like that. THC is like that.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (30:15):

So, I get what you’re saying. I’m going to restate this because it’s so horrific. You’re saying that even if mom – big grownup adult woman can survive these horrible adverse events, the lipid nanoparticles going to every cell in her body – the poor baby is even more vulnerable, and the baby’s heart and brain are more vulnerable to absorbing those lipid nanoparticles. Is that what you’re saying?

Dr. James Thorp (30:42):

That’s absolutely correct. Very well-stated.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (30:48):

I mean this is just so stunningly horrible. So, let’s fast forward to the kinds of fetal abnormalities, birth defects that you’re seeing. What kinds are they? Because, from what you’ve just described in the last 15 or 20 minutes, I don’t see how a normal baby can develop. So much can go wrong from the completely compromised environment that you’re describing – between the lipid nanoparticles, the folding of the protein from the spike protein manufacturer, the clotting of the blood. With all of this happening, what kinds of babies are you seeing, and what what’s wrong with them?

Dr. James Thorp (31:37):

Well, I’ll start out by saying that, please, if you are pregnant, please don’t take the shot, regardless of what anybody is telling you. Don’t trust your doctor or your nurse or your hospital because they’re all compromised. We are all under a gag order. Do not take the shot. It’s deadly. Now, having stated that, if you have taken it, don’t take any more. God willing, you’re still alive, and we can hopefully wean you off and help treat any damage that has been done, even if you don’t feel any. With regard to what I saw in pregnancy – just a massive loss in the first trimester in women who were vaccinated in the first trimester. And to look and try to reconcile, I think you and I probably did the same thing.  A year ago, you have this New England Journal of Medicine article coming out by Shimabukuro and colleagues, with 22 authors. There were three of them that were OB-GYNs. Shimabukuro was the lead author. The New England Journal of Medicine is corrupted; they’re owned by the new state. All you have to do is go onto their website and look at their pop-ups. Every three seconds there’s a pop-up from a drug company. So, they’re bought off and paid for.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (33:11):

Let’s go back to what you were saying. I just want to redirect you because you’re absolutely right. It was a thoroughly corrupted study. And where I think you were going is that was the study on the basis of which everyone was told, “It’s fine for pregnant women.” So now let’s go to what you’ve seen. That is not fine. You said you saw a massive amount of miscarriages in the first trimester. When you say massive, what do you usually see versus what you have been seeing in vaccinated women?

Dr. James Thorp (33:37):

And remember, I’m not allowed to do formal clinical research. I’m not even allowed to talk to people about this. So, it’s all what I’m seeing; and, and I can’t quantify it except for the fact…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (33:48):

Just impressionistically.

Dr. James Thorp (33:49):

It was definitely an increase in first and second trimester miscarriages, a definite increase in malformations. One of the early malformations that we see is a, what we call cystic hygroma, Naomi. And it’s a large mass around the neck due to an abnormal development of the lymph duct system. Related to what? Inflammation. So, you get a massive tissue swelling, and the baby can go into heart failure and then pass. So, I’ve seen way too many cystic hygromas. I’ve seen…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (34:28):

Do those babies usually die, or do they ever survive? And if so, what happens to them?

Dr. James Thorp (34:33):

Great question. Some of them survive and in some of them that lesion will regress spontaneously. We can’t really predict which ones will survive and which ones won’t, except by a tincture of time and watching the ultrasounds every week or every two weeks. So, some of them will resolve. About half of them will not and result in a loss. So that’s a disaster. I’ve seen an increase in chromosomal abnormalities. Now I was very interested in that; because, as you know, that was one of the complications that was noted in the Pfizer “5.3.6” document. I’ve seen marked increase in fetal deprivation of nutrients and growth – what we call intrauterine growth.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (35:21):

Can we go back to the chromosomal abnormalities? What do those look like? I really don’t know.

Dr. James Thorp (35:27):

Great question. The most common problem that will give you, at least in the same category, is Down’s syndrome. That’s the most common chromosomal abnormality where instead of two chromosome 21s, there are three. But there are literally millions of chromosome abnormalities, and many of them are lethal – for example, Trisomy 18, when there are three [chromosome] 18s or three [chromosome] 13s. And then there are all types of deletions and copy variants where there’s too little or too much.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (36:07):

And how does that manifest? What does the baby have or not have?

Dr. James Thorp (36:10):

Well, it’s not that simple. It runs the gamut. It can present as a chromosomal abnormality; and you may have some, and I may have some, and not even know it. And then there are even subtle, smaller chromosomal abnormalities that are highly lethal. For example, Down’s babies survive, and they do well. But, if you compare it with Trisomy 18, the one extra chromosome in that case is lethal. And Trisomy 13 is same thing.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (36:45):

So those babies will be born, but pretty soon they’ll die. Is that correct?

Dr. James Thorp (36:49):

With those two abnormalities? Yes. Or it could die in utero.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (36:53):

Or they could be stillbirths, I guess we would call them, or spontaneous abortions. So, could this be related, Dr. Thorp, to what I’ve called the baby die-off, where there is a doubling of neonatal deaths in highly vaccinated countries like Scotland? Or a doctor in Ontario saying he’s seeing 86 neonatal deaths when usually he sees five or six? Could these chromosomal abnormalities be a factor in those high newborn death rates?

Dr. James Thorp (37:23):

They could be, but I would posit that there’s something else going on in the newborn. In the newborn, it looks like there’s a vast proportion of them that, God willing I hope they’re not permanently damaged, but they have very severe autoimmune disease as a result of a destruction or harming of their innate immune system. And then they also have VAIDS, which is Vaccine-Induced Acquired Immune Deficiency [Syndrome]. And I have so many patients that have that. I have vaxxed family members, where their kids are all vaxxed. They’re all vaxxed up. Naomi, they can’t get well. They’re constantly ill between the kids and the adults. They’re constantly ill. They have VAIDS. I’ve seen an increase in newborn neoplasia.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (38:19):

What’s that? What’s the neoplasia?

Dr. James Thorp (38:21):


Dr. Naomi Wolf (38:22):

Oh God.

Dr. James Thorp (38:23):

Yes. So, for example, look at Dr. Ryan Cole, who’s seen a known state of increased cancers and childhood tumors in the last year – things that you might see once in a lifetime, he’s seen with a progressive increase in frequency.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (38:43):

So, babies are born with cancers or with tumors.

Dr. James Thorp (38:47):

They can be or develop them in the first year of life. Yes.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (38:51):

You’re seeing a rise in that, an increase in that in your patients. Is that what you’re saying?

Dr. James Thorp (38:55):

I’ve seen a rise in all sorts of problems. I can’t give you an absolute numerator and denominator, but I have seen an increase, absolutely. Hemangioma – you know where you’ll see a “stork bite” on a baby, what’s called a “stork bite”? And there’ll be some more severe lesions where there’s a really abnormal, local development of capillaries, and it can even be tumorous. So that would make sense because that’s what the spike protein is doing when it starts getting made in the baby. It is interrupting the cell line of the blood vessel and causing abnormal capillary proliferation.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (39:39):

Oh my God. I’m just absorbing what you’re saying. It’s so shocking. What about fetal birth weight? I’ve heard anecdotally that nurses are delivering vaccinated mothers early because the placentas are compromised, but I’ve also heard anecdotally about low birth weight as well as high birth weight, abnormally big babies. I don’t know how to make sense of those reports, of course. But what are you finding? Are there any changes in newborn birth weight, fetal birth weight?

Dr. James Thorp (40:15):

I think there’s absolutely an effect of reducing fetal growth and fetal birth weights. I have not seen an increase in birth weight. That we usually see with, for example, diabetes and other more rare complications.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (40:33):

Well, now it’s all kind of making sense because, if the blood carries nutrients to the baby and the blood flow or the blood itself is compromised, the nutrients to the baby will be compromised. Wouldn’t that organically result in restricted growth?

Dr. James Thorp (40:50):

As well as the placenta, which is the primary organ sustaining the fetus.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (41:02):

So, you’re saying that the calcifications you talked about earlier could be a factor in restricting the growth of babies, right?

Dr. James Thorp (41:11):

That’s right. Or the, the calcification may be just a surrogate, just in inner innocent marker, marking the lack of placental function. It might be just a friendly, “I’m there; I’m not causing a problem.” That’s possible. But what is it associated with? So, we can’t determine placental function by looking at it, but only by how the baby responds to nutrients. So, if the baby’s growing, normally there’s going to be normal size, right? But if there’s really restricted baby growth, less than the fifth percentile, less than the third, that’s a problem.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (41:53):

And what are some dangers associated with low-birth-weight babies?

Dr. James Thorp (41:58):

Great question. They are at an increased risk of abnormal long-term development. And, to answer your question specifically, Naomi, it depends on what causes. If it’s caused by severe placental inhibition of growth, usually the babies, everything else being normal, then will catch up on growth. But it’s certainly associated with fetal death, stillbirth, being born with very abnormal Apgar scores or with lack of oxygen.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (42:36):

And an Apgar score measures reflexes?

Dr. James Thorp (42:39):

That is part of it. Apgar scores are, if you will, a window of how the baby is doing at one and five minutes of life. Is it breathing? Is the color good? Is its tone good? Is it moving?

Dr. Naomi Wolf (42:56):

Got it. So here you’re raising the memory in the Pfizer documents. So, striking the claim that the injection was safe for pregnant women was also based on a study of 44 French rats followed for 42 days. And what really struck me, as someone who’s had children, is that the mom rats weren’t allowed to give birth to the babies and the scientists didn’t check the living baby rats. They sacrificed the mother rats and looked at the baby fetuses and said they were fine. So, obviously, you’re not going to get any problems with reflexes. Can the baby rats see? Can they nurse? Can they move? Can they do all the things you do once you’re born? I guess I just would like you to speak to that. I mean, a baby doesn’t just have to be born right to be okay. The Apgar score checks things like if the baby is reacting normally to stimulus. Are there delays, right? What are some of the things that a baby has to do to be normal in the first few days of life?

Dr. James Thorp (44:04):

Yes. Those are all good points. You know your stuff very well, Dr. Naomi. It’s absolutely imperative that the baby, of course, needs to breathe or needs to maintain its oxygen levels and its pulmonary function. And that’s one of the most critical things early on. Remember, the most drastic change in an entire human being’s life is when that birth occurs, and the umbilical cord is clamped. The baby no longer can breathe through the placenta.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (44:42):


Dr. James Thorp (44:44):

The whole heart and circulation have to change. We call that period “the transition period,” because there’s no other time in a human being’s life, when such drastic, such critical things are occurring. And if they don’t occur in a timely adoption, there’ll be death or permanent maiming. You think about how the heart has to redirect its blood flow away from the placenta and away from the umbilical arteries. And it’s got to open up the pulmonary artery to take blood to the lungs because the pulmonary arteries have been shut down the entire pregnancy.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (45:18):

Wow. So, you have to do all these things. These are big things. And so that poor baby that had restricted growth or that the fetal environment was compromised is going to have a harder time successfully doing those things. Now let’s talk about you’re seeing problems with the babies that are born. In addition to the physical problems, are you seeing developmental problems or low Apgar scores, as I think you mentioned?

Dr. James Thorp (45:48):

I think that what we’ve seen is all of the above. It’s all blended in, and it’s blended in with pregnant patients that don’t have a problem with the vaccine, as best I can tell. Naomi, what you mentioned, I think it is really critical. I want to circle back. You mentioned that the reproductive toxicology studies. I’m not for sure if you’re referring to Moderna’s or Pfizer’s, but let’s focus on Moderna’s. Ms. Sasha Latypova, I think you know her and hopefully…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (46:28):


Dr. James Thorp (46:29):

Boy, she’s incredible. And she’s brilliant like yourself. I mean, you two women are two of the most brilliant women I’ve ever met. And she knows we’re stuck. She’s been in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time, and she’s blown the whistle. She has a copy of Moderna’s reproductive toxicology [study] that she got. And, Naomi, they completely lied on the Moderna side. They claimed that there were no birth defects in the pregnant rats and the fetuses. No, they lied.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (47:09):

There were abnormalities?

Dr. James Thorp (47:10):

There were marked skeletal dysplasia.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (47:13):

Oh yes, yes. I do know about that. Oh, horrific.

Dr. James Thorp (47:16):

And not many people put that together. But, in my business, I looked at those ribs and those animal studies, and we have the same thing in humans. We have skeletal dysplasia. And if your ribs don’t grow, your lungs don’t grow; and it’s a lethal disease. And they had a significant increase in those. They took them all out, Naomi. They should be charged with genocide. And then it gets worse. Then it was presented nine months later. And Dr. Sasha Latypova has a copy. And the original data – they fraudulently manipulated it. And nine months after the drug was rolled out here comes the article in the Journal of Reproductive Toxicology that says a clean bill of health.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (48:12):

Unbelievable. They lied. Well thank you for, for making that clear. I’m glad you circled back to that. Let me move ahead quickly because you’ve been so generous with your time. I just want to ask a couple of other questions. And then there’s so much more to say, of course, if you want to talk to me again, I’d be honored. I know we’ll have questions.

Dr. James Thorp (48:31):

Thank you. I’d love to come on anytime I can help.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (48:35):

Thank you, Dr. Thorp. Are your patients breastfeeding normally?

Dr. James Thorp (48:42):

There are some patients that are having problems with the breastfeeding associated with the vaccine. And, of course, that’s really hard to tease out as well. I think you’ve done a really brilliant job. I’ve watched most of your stuff, and you’ve done a really brilliant job outlining the concerns of the breastfeeding. And my own personal feeling is that it’s contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding moms. I mean, you know the tragic story of the five-month-old who died within 48 hours after the first breast milk. And then there are many others that have been hidden. This world expert, Albert Benavides, on VAERS, he’s pointed out a massive hiding. Well, you know VAERS is so horrible. The data, the outcomes, and the pregnancy stuff that I’m about ready to publicize, it’s horrible, Naomi. But what’s bad about VAERS – it’s being throttled. Bad cases are being manipulated. And that lead author from the other pregnancy article, he’s got communications that were obtained by Aaron Siri, the attorney, that show that the FDA and the CDC were collaborating with him on bad outcomes. I saw it with my…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (50:14):

Yes, I’m sure you’re right. So then, for people who have not followed my work or our work with Pfizer documents on breast milk, my hypothesis, that’s confirmed in NIH studies, is the polyethylene glycol – which, you’re right, is in anti-freeze and is a petroleum byproduct – is now in breast milk of vaccinated moms. And so, the studies that are coming out are showing that babies who are drinking vaccinated mom’s breast milk are inconsolable and sleepless and agitated and breastfeeding has dropped from 34% of mothers to 14%. So, I guess I’m asking you, anecdotally in your practice when moms are having trouble breastfeeding, are there babies having any of those reactions or digestive problems or any of the things that we know are related to polyethylene glycol or other things I’m not aware of?

Dr. James Thorp (51:05):

I think you’re absolutely right. They are, but I can’t confirm it with numbers.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (51:10):

I understand.

Dr. James Thorp (51:12):

I agree with what you’re saying.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (51:14):

Wow. I guess this is my last question. Then we’ll have all the main things, and it’ll be a great honor to circle back with you when the viewers ask follow-up questions. Dr. Chandler on our team confirmed the Japanese biodistribution study that you referenced showing that these lipid nanoparticles, spike proteins, and mRNA are concentrating in the ovaries. As an obstetrician-gynecologist, explain what happens to ovaries since there’s no mechanism for those substances to leave the body that we’ve seen. What happens to ovaries? How can ovaries function if all this stuff is being packed into them with injection after injection. What happens to the menstrual cycle, and what happens to conception?

Dr. James Thorp (52:02):

Naomi, that’s what keeps me up at night. That’s why I’m doing this. Because it’s horrible. It goes against all academic science. It’s the antithesis of science. Listen, these are toxic substances. A woman only has one million ova. A woman doesn’t have the benefit of a man where they’re making a million sperm per hour. They have one million. A female fetus at 30 weeks, 10 weeks before she’s born – she only has a million ova in her. And they’re all located in the ovaries. That’s the future of the human race, Naomi, the future of the human race. And every single one of those ova are subjected to the toxic lipid nanoparticles and the toxic mRNA cargo. Remember, they told us all the fibs they’ve told us. Remember, they said, “Oh, it can’t reverse transcribed into human genome.” Wrong. They lied about that, too. The Zhang study last year and the Aldén study this year documents it does.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (53:11):

Right. But just to the ovum…at a certain point, an egg is not going to be able to travel into the Fallopian tubes if there’s so much inflammation, so much of these foreign substances. Or I can’t imagine that it will attach well, once it’s impregnated with a sperm, into the uterine wall, right? Just mechanically, I don’t understand what is going to happen to those eggs. So, can you tell me mechanically, with your understanding of ova and ovaries and Fallopian tubes and uterine linings, what is going to happen when all this material is packed in there with injection after injection?

Dr. James Thorp (53:47):

Well, my first concern is, are the eggs even viable anymore before they ovulate? Are they viable? I don’t know if they’re viable; and, if they are viable, are they mutated with the reverse-transcribed, manmade DNA? Are they? We haven’t excluded that. This is what they should have done. This is why I begged them not to implement this dangerous gene therapy in pregnant women. It’s sin. You can’t do that. Everybody knows that. And, so, you’re right. I’m worried about the ovum being permanently damaged. I’m worried about its ultimate viability. A woman ovulates just one [ovum] once a month, and say she’s got 40 years of fertility – it’s 40 times 12. You’re looking at really only a thousand, or less than 1,500 or so, embryos out of one million that get the chance to become a baby. And, so, of those 500 that are left, they’re all exposed to the cationic protein, to the lipid nanoparticles, to the PEG, the other EGs that are in there, ethylene glycol, all of them; and they may be permanently altered with a DNA sequence. That’s permanently altered. We don’t know.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (55:15):

That we don’t know.

Dr. James Thorp (55:16):

And then to your point, it’s got to make its way if it gets fertilized, if the sperm can meet that ovum then and fertilize it on its way down. Then, can it go down to the uterus with all the inflammation, with all the altered cervical and uterine substances? How about the protein that’s intimately involved with adherence of them – will it attract, or is that destroyed by the antibodies? All these things should have been tested, Naomi, and none of them were. And I’m still being attacked by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and threatened with my livelihood and my credentials, because I want them to debate me and show me their safety data, of which they have none.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (56:15):

They have none. Well, that’s my final question. The people who should be sounding this alarm, of course, are these boards of obstetricians and gynecologists and not someone heroic like you, who’s putting it all at risk in order to save humanity, to save women and babies. Why are they silent? That’s my final question. What is the mechanism that is silencing or leading the boards that represent obstetricians and gynecologists to collude actively in hurting their patients? What is that mechanism?

Dr. James Thorp (56:48):

Okay. That’s great. And I can’t speculate on what’s in their hearts, but I was a member of the Board. I did examinations. I know these people. I know Dr. George Wendel. I know Dr. Susan Raymond. They’re friends of mine. We published together back in the early `90s. I think I was part of their organization for a year, giving examinations, and they’re really good people. I feel really badly for them now. They’ve been either severely compromised or threatened in some way; because the Dr. Raymond and Dr. Wendel that I know, this is not them. They won’t even talk to me. They won’t say anything to me. All they do is threaten me. And I feel really, really badly for them. I think that my own opinion is that if you look at the COVID-19 Coalition Corps (CCC), the Department of Health and Human Services created the CCC and gave them $10 billion early last year and said, “Go out and eliminate vaccine hesitancy.” So, all these monies went to Alphabet, the techs, the Googles, the Twitters, the Instagram, social medias, they went to…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (58:06):

That I know, but did they go to the gynecologists and obstetricians as well?

Dr. James Thorp (58:11):

I’m sure that they did. And I have a FOIA. You know, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, these are all NGOs. They’re NGO headquartered here in Delaware. Why do they put them in Delaware? They get the most legal protection, and some of them, and I won’t say which one on air, but I have inside information…there’s a $2 million offshore account on one of those organizations. And I won’t identify. I know it was there in 2019, that it was $2 million in 2019. I’m dying to see what it is now.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (58:45):

Well, I know that one of the medical licensing boards just upfront got a million dollars from Pfizer, but what you’re saying, in order for this to have unfolded the way it did, and I promise this is my last question. It’s not just your two colleagues who were either bribed or pressured. It’s every single obstetrician and gynecologist in the United States of America and around the world.

Dr. James Thorp (59:15):

Let’s take it one step further…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (59:17):

How is that possible?

Dr. James Thorp (59:19):


Dr. Naomi Wolf (59:20):

Practically every single OB-GYN took the money and then hurt their patients? Every single one?

Dr. James Thorp (59:29):

No, what they’re doing is they’re choosing to be silent and collect their paychecks, which is the equivalent. I’m collecting my paycheck. Don’t want to, but I have because I need money. I need to buy food and buy gas, but I’ll refuse my paycheck, if I’m told to do something that breaches my…

Dr. Naomi Wolf (59:49):

So, is that what’s happening? Are obstetricians being told, “If you don’t tell pregnant patients to take the vaccine, you’ll be de-licensed”?

Dr. James Thorp (59:59):

Absolutely. If you read our manuscript, “Patient Betrayal: The Corruption of Healthcare, Informed Consent and the Physician-Patient Relationship,” we also had 19 authors, four of which were attorneys. And we broke down [how] all of the licensing in board agencies, within a matter of four weeks – September of 2021, one year ago – gagged every physician and nurse in the United States of America. Unprecedented, unprecedented. And the sole purpose of that was to eliminate vaccine hesitancy.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (01:00:32):

God. Well, that explains a lot. Well, Dr. Thorp, Jim, I can’t thank you enough. I’m going to stop there. You’ve shined a light on the worst crime I think humanity has ever faced in its scale and in its evil. I’m so grateful for heroic people like you, who are telling the truth and protecting your patients. I know you’re going to get a lot of follow-up questions. We’ll circle back to you. Where do people find you, and how do they support your work?

Dr. James Thorp (01:01:05):

I want to deflect some of that, of what you said – I’m really not the hero. I’m just doing what I know to be true. You know, you’re the hero.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (01:01:19):

We’re all heroes.

Dr. James Thorp (01:01:20):

No, you are a gift of God to me because you motivate me, and I can’t reach the people. People don’t listen to me. They can marginalize me. You are a strong, loud voice, and we need you out there. And I think you’re doing more good than the physicians are right now because we’re just maligned.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (01:01:43):

Dr. Thorp, thank you.

Dr. James Thorp (01:01:46):

The only way I haven’t been compromised is my Gettr account.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (01:01:50):

So, you are on Gettr at @jamesathorpmd, is that correct? Wonderful. And how do people send you – are they allowed to send you – money, donations to support your research, to support your work?

Dr. James Thorp (01:02:02):

No, I don’t want to take anybody’s money. What I want is, I want the killing to stop.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (01:02:10):

Well put. Well put.

Dr. James Thorp (01:02:13):

But I’m in touch with a lot of attorneys. Yes, there are an incredible amount of research monies that are needed. I don’t have a fund for that, but Dr. Ryan Cole and I, and Tiffany Parotto and the CHD, we’re funding our own research.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (01:02:33):

So, I got that email, and I want to support you. We’ll circle back with starting an entity so that we can support your research. I’m going to let you go and let you save those mothers and babies, and you’ve done so much good to so many women and babies. And, also, I think just hearing a doctor care about pregnant women and babies is going to reassure so many women out there and help so many babies. So, thank you sincerely, Dr. Thorp for being with us. We’ll be with you again.

Dr. James Thorp (01:03:04):

I thank you, Dr. Wolf. Be blessed.

Dr. Naomi Wolf (01:03:06):

Hi everyone, it’s Naomi Wolf of DailyClout, and I am asking you to please, if you like the video you just saw, support us, become a member, donate. You can send checks to PO Box 24, Millerton, New York 12546, or go to DailyClout and become a member or donate. Thank you so much for your support. Every penny goes for paying our hardworking staff, paying hosting costs and paying our lawyers who have been leading the fight to keep you safe and free, to keep the Constitution safe and to keep you free. Thank you so much.

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  • Mike Berkley

    Mike Berkley, LAc, FABORM, is a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist and a board-certified herbalist. He is a fertility specialist at The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness in the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan, New York.