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    Mike Berkley is the first acupuncturist in America to specialize in the treatment and care of patients suffering with fertility challenges.

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    Mike Berkley has been helping New York couples overcome infertility holistically since 1997. Read what patients have to say.

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Manhattan Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine for Infertility

Treating Infertility with Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine & Holistic Methods

From firsthand experience, you know the sadness, anxiety, and frustration that can result from consistently trying to conceive without success. You struggle every day with the yearning to have what seems to come so naturally to other couples. In your darkest moments, you may wonder if the dream of holding a baby in your arms will ever become a reality. Our infertility specialists are here to help. For the couples who are longing to fulfill the dream of parenthood, the struggle of millions comes down to hoping for one very personal, very joyful miracle.

Our Manhattan acupuncture, herbal medicine fertility clinic and traditional Chinese medicine for infertility is widely recognized for expertly integrating Eastern medicine with your Western medical protocols, such as IUI, IVF or even donor-egg transfers. At The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness, our female infertility specialist's mission is to empower our patients, no matter their age, sexual preference, marital status, or other circumstances, and to help them enjoy the journey to parenthood. Every patient is a great gift and another opportunity to add joy to the world!

You are far from alone. We share the same goal as you: excellence in patient care and making your dreams come true.

Where East Meets West

We are world-renowned for treating reproductive disorders by integrating Eastern medicine with your Western reproductive medical protocol. We have seen through 23 years of clinical experience that by including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Chinese medicine for infertility has significantly improved. Chinese medicine has had over 2500 years of success in treating those with fertility challenges.

Helping New York Couples Overcome Infertility Holistically Since 1997

“Mike treated both my wife and myself and she is now pregnant. To those couples going through the difficult path of conceiving and it has not yet happened, our experience with Mike offers a huge amount of hope. It consisted in a combination of acupuncture, herbs, knowledge, smiles, and support that eventually made the magic happen. Thank you!” *

*Results vary for each individual. Our Success Stories

Meet Mike Berkley

Founder & Director of The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness

Infertility is an incredibly personal trial, yet it requires sufferers to reveal the most intimate and personal details of their lives to a seemingly endless stream of medical professionals. Before you invite The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness to accompany you on your journey to parenthood, we want you to feel completely comfortable and relaxed with our entire team of female infertility specialists.

Like you, infertility is something Mike Berkley has been through himself. The journey he and his wife had through the process of infertility treatment seemed to be endless. After years of traditional unsuccessful treatments, he and his wife decided to undergo a series of alternative treatments which included acupuncture, herbal medicine and Chinese medicine for infertility. Within less than a year, Mike Berkley’s wife was pregnant! After personally walking the journey of infertility treatment, Mr. Berkley pursued his own degree and National Board Certification in acupuncture, herbal medicine and Chinese medicine for infertility. He has since devoted his entire practice to reproductive medicine and has found great satisfaction in partnering with his patients to help them achieve their goal of starting or growing their family.

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The Natural Approach to Pregnancy

Many couples are now turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), either as a standalone treatment or as part of an integrated treatment plan. While herbal medicine and acupuncture are still new concepts in the West, their solid record of success in treating infertility dates back thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine for infertility is very different from Western medicine in its focus, its basic beliefs, and in its approach to the patient.

Unlike traditional Western doctors who typically look for an isolated problem, traditional Chinese medicine for infertility practitioners look at the whole person and try to achieve balance and harmony within that person. When the body, mind, and spirit are in balance proper reproductive function is achieved. Before planting a seed, one must prepare the soil and ensure that the environment is right for that seed to grow.

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