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When eggs are developing, they use a tremendous amount of energy. Early embryo division and implantation require lots of energy.After 35 years, mitochondria wear down. At around age 40, 9 out of 10 eggs are abnormal. 

Studies show that the mitochondria of older eggs are capable of producing significantly less ATP, which is the source of cellular energy. This affects the rate of division and successful implantation of embryosLLLT therapy works on the level of the mitochondria. The light therapy will stimulate the mitochondria to produce more ATP (= energy) in the cells. This in turn improves the cell’s ability to 1) proliferate, 2) migrate, and 3) adhere – which is exactly what a fertilized egg is supposed to do!Further, the increased energy level in the cells will improve blood circulation, relax muscle tensions and reduce inflammation. These factors are all beneficial to female reproduction in general, egg quality, and to the receptivity of the uterine lining.      

Female Fertility Results

Recent studies in Japan and clinical results in Denmark have delivered very promising results in this direction:

  • Danish and Norwegian research showed that light therapy had a pregnancy rate of 66% success for women who had had at least 4 years of failure with other assisted reproductive technology methods.
  • In a study out of Japan by Dr. Kazunori Nakamura, data reveal LLLT a doubling in the day 5 blastocyst rate for those who had the combination of acupuncture and near-infrared light therapy leading up to and during their IVF cycle.

How Celluma LLLT Therapy Is used for Fertility Enhancement 

PREPARING FOR EGG-RETRIEVALAs LLLT light therapy helps increase ATP production (your natural energy reserves in your cells) it can support follicular growth and development. For this reason, we have women use it a minimum of 3 times per week for 30 minutes, leading up to retrieval. 

Post retrievalLLLT light therapy treatments have been shown to reduce swelling and inflammation after surgeries, and enhance the post-op healing process. It can increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, and assist in the body’s healing response.It is thought that by improving healing time and reducing inflammation, it may help prepare the body for transfer and therefore support implantation. 

Pre Embryo Transfer

LLLT light therapy is thought to boost blood flow to the uterus and increase the thickness of the uterine lining. We recommend 3x per week for 30 minutes each leading up to the embryo transfer. This device is FDA approved, totally safe, and extremely effective. 

Cost: 6 sessions $1200.00

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  • Mike Berkley

    Mike Berkley, LAc, FABORM, is a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist and a board-certified herbalist. He is a fertility specialist at The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness in the Midtown East neighborhood of Manhattan, New York.