Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a safe, comfortable & welcoming sanctuary where your dream of starting or growing your family can become a reality.

While under our care you will be fully supported & nurtured in every way possible to help you realize your dream of family.

We Provide…

  • Our team of Experienced, Knowledgeable Specialists are highly trained in reproductive disorders and will help you fulfil your dream of family!

  • Offering a personal and caring relationship for each and every one of our patients
  • Understanding that caring and nurturing are just as important to your success as medicine and procedures

“I have known Mike over the last several years and have had many personal meetings with him and have found him always to be professional, kind, considerate and an expert in his field. I have looked to him over a number of years for advice in caring for our fertility patients and aiding them through their journey with reproductive difficulties.”

Robert Kiltz, MD - Owner and Director, CNY Fertility Centers

Taking a Holistic Approach to Fertility

After twenty-three years of clinical practice, Mike Berkley’s approach to reproductive wellness is an integrated one, encompassing acupuncture, herbs, and knowledge of Western reproductive medicine. This comprehensive, all-inclusive approach is yielding higher success rates than IUI or IVF alone!