Infertility Telemedicine

TeleMedicine…Anywhere in the world!

If you live outside of New York State, or even out of the country, and you’re experiencing infertility, and you feel like you’re not being listened to, not being heard, have a feeling that other tests should be done, or your doctor minimizes, or negates your suggestions, I can help you navigate the ‘path to family’ through our fertility-enhancement-counseling-program. I will provide answers as well as questions!

I will conduct a 1.5 hour-long phone-consultation with you. I will micro-analyze your case. I will learn everything about your general health, everything about your fertility status, and everything about the sperm parameters; this will allow me to make recommendations for tests which you probably haven’t gotten. Every patient says: “I’ve been tested for everything”; this is not the reality. You have not. When your test results arrive, I will help you analyze and understand them, and I will make recommendations for care based on over two-decades of reproductive health-care experience.

I will help you find out the underlying cause of your fertility-status and help you make the right choices for success.

Many causes of infertility are hidden and never diagnosed. Examples include activated natural killer cells and ureaplasma urylitica. Were you tested for these? 99% of patients have not, yet these are major contributors to infertility. And, there is so much more.

If you can’t find an acupuncturist near you that specializes in infertility, I will, after our consult, provide you with a customized acupuncture-points-protocol created specifically for you that your current acupuncturist may use. I will also provide you with a customized herbal-medicine prescription written specifically for you. Our pharmacy ships world-wide!

I have twenty-four years of expertise in Chinese and Western reproductive medicine and would be pleased to accompany you on your journey to family.

One phone-call can make the difference.