Our Protocol

Our Protocol

The Berkley Center Treatment Protocol

A. Acupuncture

Part 1. All patients are encouraged to get treated twice weekly until you are pregnant. We have found, after 23 years in practice that this treatment regimen is clinically beneficial.

Additionally, if you are undergoing an IVF embryo transfer we will treat you twice on that day. You come to us before your transfer for acupuncture treatment and then you come back after the transfer for another treatment. The literature describes this protocol as being helpful in increasing the odds of conception during IVF. This is the ONLY time you will be treated twice on the same day.

Part 2. Once pregnant, we will treat you twice weekly until the end of the 13th week of conception to help prevent miscarriage. (90% of miscarriages occur within 12 weeks).

Part 3. After week 13 we encourage you to come in for treatment twice per month for the duration of your pregnancy to help facilitate continued hyper-delivery of blood, nutrients and oxygen to your growing baby. This will help to keep him (or her) healthy and well, and will help you to feel better and stronger during your pregnancy and may help to reduce your recovery time after you give birth.

B. Herbal Medicine

We strongly suggest that you take herbal medicine when trying-to-conceive. Herbs help to facilitate blood flow to the uterus and to the ovaries, helping to remove oxidative stress (reactive oxidative species), and other inflammatory factors. Herbs are safe to take with reproductive medicine.

The typical cost of herbs is between $400.00 and $700.00 per month. This comes out to between $13.00 and $23.00 per day.

Once pregnancy is achieved you will stop taking herbs. However, if you have a history of two or more miscarriages, we will prescribe a different herbal medicine formula for you, which you will stay on for the first trimester of pregnancy. The purpose of these herbs is to help reduce the chances of miscarriage.

All herbal medicine formulas are written to address the particular characteristics of the individual patient. All formulas are customized exactly for your particular situation.

The herbs are totally safe and tested (test results available upon request).

Lastly, after you give birth (yay!), if you experience post-partum depression we will treat you for that as well.

We welcome you to our family. We will do our utmost to help you to start or grow yours.